Alma 29:9

"I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yeah, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy."
Alma 29:9

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Power of Testimony!

Family dearest,

This week was...kind of rough. I'll be honest. There were so many
things that fell was a major bummer. But there were still
some really good things that happened! Thank heavens for silver

Two quick things. Judy miraculously came to church yesterday! Our
other investigators didn't make it, sadly. This girl in our ward was
going to pick her up, but when she got to Judy's she didn't answer the
door. But then Judy showed up! Apparently her husband dropped her off.
Thank goodness! It was a miracle.

Okay, a third thing. It's pretty hilarious...I really think I've lost
my brain. 🎶 If I only had a brain...🎶 You'll never guess what I did
the other day. So for my click day (#10 can you believe it?!?) we went
to a Thai restaurant that recently opened up. It was absolutely
delicious. But...we went and ate and came back...and the car was still running.
I had left it. In the parking lot. With they keys still in the
ignition. Running. I DIED. And seriously, the part of town we were
in--it is an absolutely miracle it was still there when we got back.
Someone was looking out for my brainless head that day. Thank heavens!

Yesterday we also had a really awesome program in sacrament meeting
surrounding the pioneers, but specifically Joseph Smith. Sister Morgan
and I (the elders did too) sang in the choir and we did three pieces:
The Spirit of God, Praise to the Man, and Come, Come Ye Saints. Wow.
Chills. The Spirit was so strong!! I loved feeling it so strongly as
we sang. It was amazing. I am indescribably grateful for music and the
power it has to bring the Spirit.

On Thursday, we had district meeting like normal, but then to close
it, our district leader Elder Cook had us each bear our testimonies.
Wow. The Spirit in that room was undeniably strong. Yinz know me--when
I feel the Spirit (especially super strongly), it just comes out my
eyes-haha! Needless to say, tears were a-flowing. I realized that I
have really found my testimony here on a mission. It was there before,
but nowhere near where it is now. And hearing the fellow missionaries
in my district that I look up to and love so much--that was an
incredibly beautiful experience. The sweet influence of the Holy Ghost
reminded me that my testimony is one of the most powerful teaching
tools I have. I regret to say that with some lessons, it is really
easy to just make it through without sharing your testimony. But the
Spirit helped me to commit to always bear testimony--in every teaching

I also went on exchanges and got to be with one of my Sister Training
Leader's, Sister Wall. She is amazing! I got to spend some time in her
area, which is Franklin, Pennsylvania and some surrounding towns. I
had a blast with her! She loves to sing (and has a gorgeous voice), so
we used music several times during the exchange! Also, she gave me the
idea of starting companionship study with a hymn, which I am totally
going to start doing. I'm so excited!

One experience we had sticks out. Later on Thursday, we found and met
this less-active man named Benjamin. Apparently he was baptized when
he was young, but hasn't been back in a really long time (like most
less-actives we meet). We sat in this pavilion area out front of the
place he lived. We taught him the, uh, let me try
that again. We TRIED to teach him the Restoration...but he rambled...a
lot. Ha ha. Bless the hearts of these Pennsylvanians. We got
through a few of the points, and then jumped to the Book of Mormon. He
jumped in and told us that he doesn't believe in the Book of Mormon.
We told him more about it and he was just kind of shaking his head. I
immediately knew I needed to bear my testimony about the Book of
Mormon. So I did. I testified that the Book of Mormon has brought me
so much closer to Jesus Christ and has helped me to come to know Him
better. Also that I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God because
I've read it and I've prayed, asking Him if it's true. And He has
answered me through the power of the Holy Ghost. His demeanor changed
and he said, "I'll tell ya what. I'll pull out my copy of the Book of
Mormon and I'll pray before I even start reading it, and I'll read
from it." Wow. Didn't see that one coming. He had seemed so against it
but the Spirit touched his heart and softened it just enough. It was
so amazing. And that commitment I had made sitting in district meeting
helped me to have the courage to open my mouth and testify. The Spirit
is so amazing. We ended the lesson with singing "I Stand All Amazed"
for him, which he really appreciated. All in all, it was a great

I know without a doubt this is Jesus Christ's church. He stands at the
head and He leads and guides us through a living prophet on the earth
today. I know He lives. That is the essence of my testimony, that He
lives. He lives to bless me with his love, to plead for me above, to
comfort me when faint, to hear my soul’s complaint, to silence all my
fears, to wipe away my tears, to calm my troubled heart. He lives to
take me as I am, weak, simple, prideful at times, even when I stray
and wander...and changes me into something better than I could ever
become on my own. His love is real, it is tangible, and it is there
for each and every one of us whether or not we feel we deserve it. It
is always there.

My invitation to you this week: share your testimony!! It can be
something as simple as sharing something over social media, or bearing
it as a part of family home evening. It doesn't have to be big. Above
all, make sure you are living like you believe. If it isn't already,
make your life a living testimony of what you know to be true. And I
promise that not only will your testimony grow stronger by sharing it
(after all, "A testimony is to be found in the bearing of it." - Boyd
K. Packer), but others will notice and be impacted by your light.

"Keep loving. Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep
growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever."
(Elder Jeffrey R. Holland)

Make it an amazing week!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

love, love, love,
Sister Bartlett

                                      Part of the Mitchell family. I adore them!

Amber-she's the :)

Part of the Goettman Clan - They're Amazing!

Me and Sister Wall & our matching shoes :)

The Allen family whom I Love!!

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