Alma 29:9

"I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yeah, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy."
Alma 29:9

Monday, March 14, 2016


Dear Family,
Oh my stars. This week was amazing. Miracles and the most amazing
moments. Pretty sure I won't even be able put it into words, but I'll

Sister Schofield and I went tracting on Wednesday! (Considering this
doesn't happen in the Sunbury area very often, this was pretty
exciting. :D) We were able to help these people move into their
house--it was awesome! We handed out a few of our cards to people and
it just felt really great.

Zone conference was on Thursday in State College. I was able to sing
my missionary medley, and sing "I Will Not Be Still" with Sister
Schofield. Both brought the spirit and made me so happy. Zone
conference not only changed my mission, but it changed my life. What I
learned there has forever changed me as a missionary and person. A few
things I learned:
>> "Perfect love casteth out all fear." (Moroni 8:16) When you love Jesus Christ, you can cast out your fear. Your love will be so great that if will become your motivator--fear won't have the power to stand in the way.
>> I am fulfilling my purpose as a missionary when I invite others to do things that will strengthen their faith in Christ. Even if they decline, I have done my part. (The same goes for you as member missionaries!!)
>> Knowing who I am and what I am called to do is the most important thing for me to know and remember. What I am doing is the most important thing I can do in mortality.
>> I may feel inadequate at times, but I am a child of God. My Heavenly Father is behind me every step of the way, and Angels surround me to bear me up. He will never ask me to do something I can't do with His help.

The commitment from the AP's was to invite at least one person to be
baptized every week. Whoa. I know we can do it with God's help!! We
also have been challenged by our district leader to hand out a copy of
The Book of Mormon every day. PS I have an awesome experience with

Flashback to Wednesday night. After Book of Mormon class, a lady in
our ward came in and asked us if we had a copy of The Book of Mormon
in Spanish to give to her friends who were there. We ran out to our
car, and miraculously there was one there! So we were able to give one
out that night (just 24 hours after we had recommitted to do better
and actually follow through with our district leader's commitment).

Back to zone conference for two seconds. I realized I am coming to
know I will always be a missionary. I will always be doing missionary
work. I will one day get married to my eternal companion, and together
we will raise our own investigators and eventually converts. It will
be amazing and I can't wait. :)

Then we went on exchanges with our STL's.  I actually got to do a real
exchange!! I went to Lock Haven with Sister Crockett--'twas an
adventure! Let me tell you, miracles happened on both sides of the
exchange. When we went to this house to try a potential, he wasn't
there, but his roommate was. His name was Jony. We started talking to
him and found out that he doesn't really have a religious
background--he's not sure what he believes. He told us he was confused
after going to several churches. After asking him if he wants to learn
more, he said, "Sure, why not?" We told him about The Book of Mormon
and gave a copy to him. He said he would read "the book" and see what
it was about. Sister Crockett applied what she learned at zone
conference and asked him, "When you come to know these things are
true, will you follow he example of Jesus Christ and be baptized?" He
said, "Sure, why not?" It was so cool. We scheduled a return
appointment and when we got in the car and just couldn't stop smiling
and talking about it.

We left Jony's and drove to another house to try them. They weren't
home, so we drove away. This guy was working on his porch, and I felt
like we should talk to him. We pulled over, and saw this lady walking
towards us. We started talking to her--her name was Carol. We showed
her "Because of Him" and gave her a copy of The Book of Mormon as
well. We ventured over to the guy we originally stopped for...he
wasn't interested. But at least we got to talk to Carol.

Come to find out on the other side of the exchange (Sister Schofield
and Sister Durfee), they had amazing things happen too. They also
handed out a copy of The Book of Mormon and invited someone to be
baptized. Miracles.

Oh my stars and the new Easter initiative--go watch it right now!!
It's amazing. It gets better and better each time I watch it. And in
light of the new video and Easter coming up...

For His life.
For His miracles.
For His sacrifice.
For His resurrection.
For His love.
For His grace.
For His mercy.
For His forgiveness.
For His healing.
For life after death.
For all that is possible because of Him.
For forever families.
For this gospel.
Hallelujah for Him.

I can't even begin to express the love I have for my Savior Jesus
Christ. He is my Rock and my Redeemer, my everything. I'll forever
praise His name as I bear it. He is my best friend and I truly adore

Family, you can be missionaries now! With this new video, it is the
perfect opportunity.
Print off some pass-along cards and hand them out to people. There are
prepared people even in American Fork that are ready to hear the
gospel. Be prayerful, trust God, and go out and find them! I am
praying for your success. :)

Don't be afraid to open your mouth and share this gospel--the best
news that anyone could ever hear! Remember that "perfect love casteth
out all fear"--when you love Him, you will do anything for Him. And He
will help you every step of the way.

Make it an amazing week!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

"Have faith, have hope, live like His Son. Help others on their way."

All my love,
Sister Bartlett

                                        With Brother Murray in his garden in Sunbury!

The Singing Sisters on their way to Zone Conf :)

Combined Zones at Zone Conference

Exchanges with Sister Crockett

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