Alma 29:9

"I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yeah, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy."
Alma 29:9

Monday, November 2, 2015

No Such Thing

Family dearest,

I hope you have had a wonderful week! I had some incredible

experiences this week, and I can't wait to share them with you!

But first. I'm sure you're wondering what I did for Halloween. So I'll
tell you! Sister Talbot and I cleaned our house, ordered and ate
Chinese food, painted our nails, did facials (courtesy of Sister
Krissy Greening ;)), watched Meet the Mormons, and pulled our
mattresses down the stairs to sleep in the living room. It was a
blast!! :D So that was Halloween night when we were stuck inside
starting at 6:00. But on Friday we went to a Halloween party put on by
the ward! We ate lots of good food and Sister Talbot and I were in a
donut eating contest! So fun to see the little kiddies dressed
up...and I was dressed up as a missionary!! Surprise surprise ;D

So on Monday night, we were teaching Miah. We finished her lesson, and
agreed to help her with some homework, so we stayed and talked to her
mom, Stella, while Miah got ready for bed. I have to tell you, their
family has been through SO much these past two months. Their house
burnt down and they have lost everything. Not to mention countless
trials and adversities that have come their way recently. As we sat
there with her and her family friend Karen, she opened up to us about
how she has been feeling and a glimpse into the heartache she has been
experiencing. As I sat there listening to her (it truly was a miracle
she told us all that she did--I know it has been building for a long
time), I just cried. My heart broke listening to her tell us about the
trials she has faced and continues to face. The incredible thing was
in that moment, I know I felt empathy for her. I have never
experienced what she has, but it felt that I had. It was unlike
anything I have ever felt--I know in that moment I was truly mourning
with those who were mourning.

It was through this experience I have begun to more fully understand
the significance and sacredness of my calling. I am coming to know
that I am truly a representative of Him, standing in His place. I do
not doubt that what I felt that night was a sliver, and I mean the
smallest part of what the Savior felt in our behalf and continues to
feel along with us. I felt closer to my Savior then than just about
any other time. Sister Talbot told me on the way home that "those are
the moments we live for." And I don't doubt it one bit.

The highlight of my mission thus far:

Yesterday was Miah's baptism!! It was such a beautiful day. Sister
Talbot and I sang a musical number called "Love Enough" (by Penelope
M. Allen and Michael F. Moody)--I found it in a copy of the Friend fro
last year (I think). The lyrics are so powerful! So I wanted to share
them with you:

Wise enough to seek the Light,
Strong enough to stand for right,
Meek enough to be advised,
Brave enough to be baptized,
Born again a child of God,
Cleansed in Christ’s atoning blood.

Christ has love enough for me,
Love enough eternally

Changed enough to choose the Lord,
Staunch enough to keep my word,
Full of faith from what I’ve learned,
Clean enough to be confirmed
And receive the Holy Ghost,
Gift of God I need the most.

Christ has love enough for me,
Love enough eternally

Blessed enough to bear Christ’s name,
Loved enough to feel the shame
When I slip and break my word.
I’ll repent, by sorrow stirred,
Then renew my covenant
As I take the sacrament.

Christ has love enough for me,
Love enough eternally

I truly cannot begin to describe the depth of the Spirit I felt as I
watched Miah be baptized and confirmed. One of my favorite things was
seeing Miah's face as she came up out of the water--it was absolutely
priceless. Just in knowing the significance of these covenants and how
they are placing her on the path to return to her Father in Heaven
make me so happy. My heart was so full yesterday--it was overflowing
with joy and with the Spirit.

With these two events this week, I am coming to the conclusion that
there is no such thing as explaining how it really feels to be on a
mission, to stand in for the Savior. There really isn't. I could write
about it all day, but words can only take me so far. It is moments
like this that I am living for, and they are indescribable.

Know that I love you so so so much, and am praying for you!!

All the love in my heart,
Sister Bartlett

Danville District

  Mom and Daughter Selfie

  Miah's Baptism

"There's No Such Thing as a homesick missionary in a Baptismal Font"

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  1. Wow, Sister Bartlett! I feel as though you are already a much more "mature" missionary than most others at this early stage of your mission! Excellent experiences and profound insights! Thank you for sharing! -Mark